As a partner to schools, finlit is committed to improving education in financial matters and preventing excessive debt.

Achieving more together. 

Preventing excessive personal debt with better financial literacy.  


We all have a passion for something. Ours is the finlit foundation!

 With the finlit foundation, we want to enable everyone to be financially literate in their everyday life. To achieve this, we want to remove the taboo from the subject of money and debt, increase financial literacy and thus help prevent excessive personal debt. 
Financial education cannot begin early enough, which is why our first initiative focuses on young children and teaches them how to handle money and finances responsibly. 

With ManoMoneta, the subjects money, finance, consumption and debt are included in the curriculum from an early age.


Our first international initiative for the year 3-6 curriculum gives children aged 9 to 13 real-life skills for handling money and finances.

The ManoMoneta course material encourages actively shaping and discovering topics related to money and finances.

What's new? 

The establishment of the finlit foundation, ManoMoneta in the times of Covid-19 and the Comenius-EduMedia-Award. Keep up with the latest developments. 

The finlit foundation team: Sebastian Richter, Jannik Steinhaus and Jana Titov.

Team finlit foundation 

Everyone starts small – just like us. From a shared idea, we want to gradually make something big together. We are proud of that.

Stronger together

The EOS Group is our partner. Together, we are tackling excessive debt.

Our partner 

The finlit foundation is the first non-profit company of the EOS Group. 

We produce modern teaching materials for early financial education in collaboration with out partner Helliwood Media.

Our education partner

We are collaborating on our first initiative ManoMoneta with Helliwood Media from Berlin. 

Cooperation with other institutions is very important to us.

Our network

We want to make an even bigger impact together with our strong network. 

Would you like to support us?

Donations or ideas for cooperation – all welcome!